The world is in front of an important new mystery: the Ancient Tomb of Amphipolis. Excavations of big scale are still in development, with amazing findings, while at the same time a big question arises. Who is buried inside this astonishing grave? Roxanne, spouse of Alexander the Great ? His son, Alexander the 4th? Or Alexander the Great himself?

Amphipolis was founded by the Athenians in 437 BC and is located in East  Macedonia, near the outfall of Strimonas River in NE Greece. The place owned by the Edonites of Thrace and the first name was “9 ways”. After a strong battle in 422 BC, Amphipolis was conquered by the Spartans. It was regained by the Athenians and remained free till 357 BC, when it was conquered by Philip the Second of Macedonia. Due to its position it was used by Philip’s son, Alexander the Great as the start point for his expeditions to Asia.

The tomb of Amphipolis was found on the Hill of Kasta. The surrounding wall of this important grave has a length of 500 meters and shapes one almost perfect circle. The diameter of the tomb is 158.4 meters. Almost intact, at a lot of points, the wall is covered with cornice. The wall is constructed by marble from the island of Thassos. Originally, on the top of the Tomb there was a great Stone Lion, the Lion of Amphipolis. The Lion itself is 5.3 meters high and has a stone base that makes a total [with Lion] height of 15.84 meters.

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Amphipolis Award is intended for Radio Amateurs or Listeners who have had contacts/reception with Greek prefectures involved with the ancient city of Amphipolis:10 Contacts needed in total, 2 from SV1 Area (Attica), 3 from SV2 Area (Central and West Macedonia), 2 from SV3 area (Peloponnese) and 3 from SV7 area (East Macedonia & Thrace). All Bands may be used for the contacts and SSB, CW, DIGI or Mixed Mode. Valid contacts made only after January 1st 1958.
A list of all information about the confirmed contacts is required, and the national Association – IARU member or RAAG Award Manager must certify it. If the nominee is not a member of an association coming under IARU, he must dispatch the cards.

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QSL’s are not necessary. Send your application accompanied by a certified list of QSL’s (checked and signed by two amateurs) to:

Post to:        Radio Amateur Association of Greece
                     Attn. Awards Manager
                     P.O. Box 42001
                     12101 PERISTERI