Membership types

Member € 40

Member with disability € 20

Special QSL Bureau subscription € 25 (for RAAG members valid for 4 years, for non-members valid for 1 year)

Enrollment: € 60 (i.e. annual membership fee € 40 + enrollment fee € 20 -> not valid for year 2024)

SV NEA Magazine subscription for nonmembers € 18

DUBUS Magazine subscription € 35


Ways of payment

The membership fee can be paid in the club (in cash or via credit / debit card) or in the following ways:

 Bank transfer 


​ΙΒΑΝ: GR6002600250000430101550661
Reference: Your call sign or your name, subscription year (e.g. SV1XXX, 2023)

Please note: By paying through a bank transfer you should carry all expenses (OUR).

When you finalize the bank transfer, please kindly send a message.


By credit / debit card (only Visa or Mastercard are accepted)

  • Choose the picture VIVAWALLET
  • Amount: write down the amount of your membership fee
  • Reference: Your call sign and subscription year (e.g. SV1XXX, 2023)
  • Click the blue button ΠΛΗΡΩΜΗ (PAYMENT) *
  • Insert the details of your credit / debit card.
  • Click the green button ΧΡΕΩΣΗ (DEBIT) *




Via Paypal:

  Member 42,00€

  Member with disability 21,00€

  Special QSL Bureau subscription 27,00€

Εγγραφή Enrollment 63,00€ (i.e. annual membership fee € 42 + enrollment fee € 21 -> not valid for year 2023)