RAAG Award

The award is available for working contacts with at least 7 different Greek stations from seven out of the nine SV call areas (SV1-SV9).

SV1 – Central Greece
SV2 – Macedonia
SV3 – Peloponnese
SV4 – Thessaly
SV5 – Dodecannese
SV6 – Epirus
SV7 – East Macedonia – Thrace
SV8 – Greek Islands
SV9 – Crete

The cost for printing / mailing is 10 Euro
You can pay via PayPal, debit / credit card from our E-Shop

QSL’s are not necessary. Send your application accompanied by a certified list of QSL’s (checked and signed by two amateurs) to:

Email:          raag-hq@raag.org
Post to:        Radio Amateur Association of Greece
                     Attn. Awards Manager
                     P.O. Box 42001
                     12101 PERISTERI